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Will a Job Candidate REALLY Be Productive?
Here's How To Tell

A job candidate may seem like the perfect fit for your business. In fact, if a candidate interviews well and has the necessary skills, education, and professional experience, you may be ready to hire them right away.

But, before you make your hiring decision, you need to consider if a candidate can thrive within your business. Otherwise, you risk hiring a worker who may inadvertently do more harm than good.

Ultimately, it pays to find out if a candidate can be a productive member of your team as you evaluate their qualifications. That way, you can boost your chances of making a great hiring decision -- and reap the benefits of it long into the future.

How To Find Out if a Job Candidate Can Really Be Productive

Here are five things you can do to determine if a job candidate can be productive.

1. Ask the Right Questions During the Interview Process

Use candidate interviews to learn how applicants approach work challenges. Candidates who establish routines and processes may be more productive than those who don't. Meanwhile, the top candidates are likely to prioritize high-value tasks over non-critical ones.

Consider how a candidate deals with workplace distractions, too. Candidates who block out time for myriad tasks are well-equipped to stay on track with work projects. They may also be more prone than others to maintain a positive outlook, even when facing adversity.

2. Check a Candidate's References

Get in touch with a candidate's references. From here, you can find out what it's like to have this candidate as a part of your team. You can verify that the information a candidate provides on their resume and throughout the interview process is accurate, too.

Learn as much as you can from a candidate's references. Ask these references to describe instances when a candidate had to use specific skills required for a role with your company. Moreover, discuss the role with a candidate's references to gain insights into whether they feel the applicant is the right fit for the position.

3. Evaluate a Candidate's Willingness To Learn

Seek out candidates who are willing to enhance their skill set. The best candidates prioritize an ongoing commitment to learning. They will enroll in online courses and training programs whenever possible. These candidates will devote the time, energy, and resources necessary to contribute to their employer's success.

When meeting with a candidate, provide details about any educational programs and resources your business offers to employees. Then, assess the candidate's response. A candidate who wants to capitalize on these programs and resources will likely do whatever it takes to become a productive team member.

4. Discover How a Candidate Manages Their Work-Life Balance

Explore how a candidate has maintained a healthy work-life balance throughout their career. While the best candidates work hard, they recognize the importance of self-care. As such, these candidates do what's required to take care of themselves so they can perform their best at work.

Give a candidate details about how your company helps employees develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance, too. This ensures you can show a candidate how your business will do what it takes to help its employees stay happy and healthy at work and outside of it.

5. Partner With a Professional Staffing Agency

A qualified staffing service is a great ally in your search for productive workers -- whether you need them for temporary assignments or as a part of your core team. Experts in recruiting and interviewing, your staffing firm can vet candidates and help you find high performers who can hit the ground running -- and do an excellent job for you.

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