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Great Ideas
Brought to you by Essential Personnel May 2010 | My Settings
Hi Todd,

I have a quick question for you...

Are people in your company having a harder time keeping up with their work?

Lately, we've been talking to more and more employers where business has been getting better--but it's causing a BIG increase in pressure (and stress) on their employees.

Today, I would like to share an excellent article to help you cope with this challenge. The article is about using planned staffing to better manage the peaks in your workload.

I hope you enjoy the article, and please email me at if you'd like to know more about planned staffing or discuss ideas for your organization.


Travis Powell
Essential Personnel
Tactical Tips
FEATURE STORY: Use Temporary Staffing to Manage Your Workload

Peaks and valleys in your workload can create big challenges for staffing. If you have too few people, you can end up with loads of stress, lots of mistakes, and a negative impact on your service and even your sales.

But if you over-staff, you end up wasting money on payroll and creating a drain on productivity.

So what can you do?

Click here for an article about planned staffing--you'll discover a better way to even out the highs and lows in your workload, save money, and reduce employment risk.
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